While I am always happy to discuss potential future opportunities, I do not anticipate taking new graduate students before September 2022. Please note also that we are moving to Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario) in September 2021. Any future applications to join this research group should be made through Carleton U.

If you are interested in joining our research group, please send me your CV and a letter explaining why you would like to work with us. I would specifically like to understand 1) why you wish to pursue graduate studies, 2) how graduate research might help you reach your career goals (whatever those are – there is no “best” path in science!), 3) how your experience so far has prepared you for graduate studies, and 4) why you are interested in our group’s research.

I do take on students who don’t have their own funding. However, if you are considering graduate studies here or elsewhere, you should look into the possible funding opportunities you can apply for, and apply to the ones you are eligible for. This is good experience even if you aren’t successful on your first applications (I wasn’t). Funding your work is a skill you must develop if you want to do research, and the more practice you can get, the better!

Laura, Lauren and Lisa prepare to enter a bat roost, in most fashionable style. (Photo: Laura Scott)